Are YOU Aimlessly
Surfing The Internet
On A Dreaded Task?

The hamster in the wheel is very busy.

  • Stuck in a rut?
  • Drowning in grunt work?

Imagine not having to deal with all those tasks that you dread... You know, that stuff that just takes way too long...

The stuff that's just so painful to do that you keep putting it off... The stuff that's just way too technical it makes your brain hurt...

If you have to do all the "dirty work" yourself, it's too much like a JOB.

Relieve Yourself From Boring Tasks

You would breathe easier if those things were taken care of, so you could focus on growing your business. You know, the fun stuff, the reason why you went into business in the first place.

The solution is to hire out those tasks to a competent professional.

You must be saying "Duh... What else is new?" Of course, you know that it can be done. And you have your own reasons why you haven't done so.

Most commonly the tight budget is the reason. You just don't have the money. After all, it seems expensive to hire others to do all these things... Especially if you are barely making any money yourself, if you hire others, there'd be nothing left for you. Right?

Maybe you even broke down a few times and paid someone to do some work... just to be dissapointed and feel ripped off... like the money went down the drain. So you figured: if you want to do something right, do it yourself. Is it so?

Not if you learn how to outsource profitably...

You can hire others
do the tasks you hate
for as little as 30 cents per hour!

You can make a fortune outsourcing work for pennies on the dollar thanks to the global economy. There are many countries where the cost of living and the salaries are so low, that an average doctor makes an equivalent of $150 per month. Lower skilled workers make as little as $40 per month for full-time work.

All the tasks that you do on the computer can be outsourced to these people for literally pennies.

What can you outsource offshore? Just about anything that can be done through the Internet. Here are some ideas:

  • Computer programming
  • Website design
  • Maintaining and updating your website
  • Designing logos, brochures and other marketing materials
  • Writing articles, reports and newsletters
  • Writing e-books
  • Research
  • Typing
  • Transcription
  • Data entry
  • Answering support e-mails

You can probably come up with even more tasks that are specific to your business.

Imagine not having to do all this stuff yourself!

Everyone is a winner in this arrangement. Your 50 bucks will be considered a huge payment in those foreign countries. You will be viewed as a godsend!

So why isn't everybody doing it?

Reason One:

Not knowing that it can be done. The fact that you know it now already puts you a step ahead of your competition.

Reason Two:

Not knowing how to go about it. Even those who are aware of outsourcing offshore, simply don't know how to arrange it.

Reason Three:

Afraid of being burned. People are afraid of getting poor quality work in exchange for their hard-earned money. Nobody wants to get swindled!

Here's How To Outsource Your
"Dirty Work" For Pennies On The Dollar
And Not Get Burned In The Process

There is a special report that will guide you. It's called "Profitable Outsourcing" and will teach you the ins-and-outs of outsourcing for maximum profit.

After reading it, you will find people who'll do your work for you at ridiculously low prices - guaranteed! You will also be immune to being cheated - it will show you how to not pay a penny until the work is completed to your liking.

Here are some examples of the rates you can get:

  • Professionally designed logos for $10
  • Complete websites for $50
  • Programming a shopping cart for $30
  • Writing articles - $10 per article
  • Writing e-books - $150 per ebook
  • Fixing a broken website for $5
  • Typing and data entry - 10 pages for $10

This is just to give you an idea on how cheap you can get things done. Now, would you rather waste your precious life on those time-sucking tasks, or have someone do it for you for nothing but a pocket change?

How Much Is YOUR Time Worth?

If you spend 10 hours doing something that someone else can do for you for $20, it's equivalent of you making $2/hour. Would you ever agree to work for $2/hour?

Your time is much better spend doing things that really make you money... not digging in the website code.

Here's What Others Had To Say About Profitable Outsourcing:

"Hi Melanie,

I love it when I don't see any fluff. You had good stuff to tell us and you jumped right into it.

Obviously, you know your subject very well. People pick up on this right away. Your writing style is effective, again right to the point with well chosen verbs and descriptions.

Personally, I love good interviews. You provide them. Your questions are concise and very worth asking. You picked people who obviously know what they are talking about.

Overall, this is an excellent product. I would give it a grade of "A" if I were a teacher."

Greg Cryns

Having read this ebook several times and having tested some of the advice within, I feel that I can give an unsolicited testimonial as follows:

1) Excellent resources given to enable the reader to effectively outsource their 'leg-work'

2) The manner in which you should conduct your outsourcing is covered in-depth, and is illustrated by multiple screen-captures

3) Excellent step-by-step process to conducting your outsourcing negotiations (with accompanying screen shots)

4) This report is characterized by 9 in-depth, actual case studies that demonstrate the cost effectiveness and ease of outsourcing your projects.

This informative text has opened my eyes to the opportunities that these outsourcing tactics can bring to my business. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this ebook to both newbie and experienced marketers alike.

This guide will free you from the necessary mundane tasks, to allow you to concentrate on the more creative side of your business.

Bravo Melanie, you did a great job with this ebook which has become an invaluable aid to my business.

Michael Mckay


I was spectical about your report because I've read other reports which usually suggested some bargaining techniques which I know don't work well and are even unethical. I have to congratulate you, because you've chosen the right case studies and the right people to interview!

Thank you for this dose of reality, this is the best I've seen - and I've been on both sides of the fence. Your report is gold, it helps people who need to have some work outsourced to avoid the most common mistakes. Helps them get good reputation as service buyers, attract good freelancers and avoid bad apples."

Best Regards,

Milan Kosanovic

"If you find yourself constantly buried in day-to-day details related to your business, I suggest you read Profitable Outsourcing by Melanie Mendelson. Outsourcing has been something I’ve been thinking of and just never took the initiative to actually do it. I wasn’t sure where to look, what to ask for or who to trust.

With Melanie’s great guide, I now know what to do and what not to do when outsourcing. It was especially helpful to read her interviews with people who do a lot of outsourcing. They gave great advice on how to begin, what to avoid and what strategies they favor for their own projects.

I’m now going to give outsourcing a whirl. I really feel it will allow me to work on the more important aspects of my company while outsourcing the day-to-day tasks.

Thanks Melanie, for a great resource.

Tate Fisher

"Profitable Outsourcing" will open your eyes to a new world and will help you take your business to the next level. After reading this ebook I will almost guarantee you will start to look at your business in a whole new way.

Outsourcing is the wave of the future and if you care about your business you cannot afford to miss out on this. "Profitable Outsourcing" will help you make small investments in your business projects with an astounding ROI.

Thank you Melanie for a great ebook!"


Morten Schouenborg

"Profitable Outsourcing is an excellent guide for those who are interested in enlisting the help of freelancers.

The problem with outsourcing is that you can easily lose your money or end up disappointed with the work that was done for you. Melanie's report covers every possible aspect of protecting your business and your money. "

Jessica Kihara

"Melanie, your eBook, "Profitable Outsourcing", is the solution to my problem.

I was almost the winner of the "don't do this when outsourcing" award. I'm so glad that I saw the light and stopped before I lost a lot of money and time.

Now that I've read your book, I'm all set to try it again...the smart way. Thanks so much!"

Chris Grable

"Hi Melanie,

I have read your report and I've got to say that it's one the best reports I have read so far on this topic.

I really like how you give the reader step by step instructions on how to get started.

Now, concerning the case studies, all I can say is wow! With 9 different case studies ranging across different industries, I really got some interesting insights, especially concerning the typical outsourcing mistakes to avoid.

Thanks for the report! I really enjoyed it."


Nadine Avocetien

Hi Melanie,

Profitable Outsourcing is a great primer for anyone new to outsourcing some aspects of their business. There are good valuable lessons in the case studies you have included.

For newbies who want to go straight into outsourcing right away, this is one nice guide to jump start and get their feet wet learning the ropes. That's the reason why I am going to ask my wife to follow it for her first web project.


Adam Lok

"Profitable Outsourcing by Melanie Mendelson is a well written, comprehensive ebook that focuses on all of the aspects in relation to creating and managing successful outsourcing ventures.

Written in a clear, easy-to-follow style, those who are wishing to dive into the world of outsourcing will find the material exceptionally useful and remarkable in its thorough coverage and clarity.

Whether you are new to outsourcing or you have successfully hired out projects in the past, Melanie's book is bound to open your eyes a bit wider to the true potential in creating well managed projects. From a step by step guide that will take you through the entire outsourcing process to interesting case studies, the book is an incredibly valuable and much needed tool. "

Jake Riley,

You just can't go wrong with Profitable Outsourcing. Follow the easy steps, and outsource all those time-sucking tasks - for pennies!

You will get a no-nonsense guide available in the industry’s leading universal digital document format (Adobe PDF). Your guide clearly explains the entire system and the steps required to outsource that grunt work dirt cheap.

Get Started Right Away

Get you very own copy of Profitable Outsourcing for just $37. The Profitable Outsourcing guide is in electronic format - you will download it instantly to your computer and will get started today.

Digital delivery is instant and secure, and you even get a 60 Days Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied, simply let me know, and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

If you are thinking of putting this off, your to-do list will just keep growing and you'll continue spinning your wheels trying to stay afloat.

To really make a change and get your business to the new level, you have to make a move and start outsourcing some work to others. This is a unique opportunity to learn how to do it dirt cheap.

Order Now By Clicking The Button Below:

Best Regards,

Melanie Mendelson

P.S. - You can do nothing and keep plugging along. Or get the Profitable Outsourcing guide and dump those dreadful tasks off your shoulders and watch your income grow. What do YOU choose?

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